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    New rule for driving theory test takes effect on April 30

    © Belga
    © Belga

    From the 30 April, persons taking the theoretical driving test may not commit more than one serious error and must score at least 41 out of 50 in the exam. The modification, laid down in an order by the Government of Brussels, is to be followed, come November, by modifications to the practical examinations, the Secretary of State for Road Safety, Bianca Debaets, indicated on Tuesday.

    Ms. Debaets said the main innovation in the theoretical examination was the grading system. There will still be 50 questions and the passing grade remains 41/50 but a serious error will automatically cost the candidate five (5) points, while the penalty for a “slight” error remains one (1) point. As a result, a candidate who commits two serious errors loses 10 points and is automatically disqualified. A similar system is being applied in Flanders and Wallonia.

    In the Brussels Region, candidates may sit the theoretical examination in Dutch or French. They may also do the test in English or German with the help of an interpreter.

    Candidates who fail the test twice in succession will need to complete a course in a driving school before re-sitting it.

    When preparing for the practical test, candidates will have a choice between four options: no driving school; mixed coach/driving school; direct access to the test after 30 hours of driving school; full driving school. The current system has only two options.

    Training in first aid and a risk awareness test will also become compulsory.

    Andy Sanchez
    The Brussels Times