New system for reimbursement of visits to psychologist

New system for reimbursement of visits to psychologist

Health minister Maggie De Block (VLD) has announced a budget of € 22.5 million for the reimbursement of psychological care. In an interview in Le Soir on Saturday, she said that “By the end of this year, we’ll put in place the first reimbursement system for psychological care. It’s result of a very long work with the new Federal Council for Mental Health Care and health insurance funds “.

“It will cover the reimbursement of short-term treatment by a psychologist or clinical orthopedagogue within a multidisciplinary framework,” explains De Block.

“The planned reimbursement system may complement supplementary insurance by health insurance funds.”

The annual budget for the meaure is estimated to € 22.5 million and will be available from the last quarter of 2018.

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