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Driving fines not paid due to new computer system

Hundreds of police reports with a total worth of one million euros have become unusable due to errors in the computer system, writes Het Laatste Nieuws on Saturday. The collection system for driving fines has become completely automatic since March. Police officers have only to record the offenses and draw up a report. The computer is supposed to take care of the rest. Then immediate collection letters are sent to the offender via bpost and the system analyzes whether the amount is paid.

In the first days after the introduction of the new system, several police officers suddenly received error messages. Not because of a technical problem but because of small gaps in the reports.

“The quality filter is very severe,” explains Edward Landtsheere of the federal public justice service. “Frustrating”, says a police source. “In the past, we were sending out an immediate demand note and most people were paying. Now we just have to give up some reports. The findings became useless and we missed the payment.”

“There were a lot of problems in the first days, but the number of error reports has been reduced drastically since then,” Landtsheere commented.

 The Brussels Times