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Nurse charged with poisoning patients in Namur

A nurse, born in 1975, was placed under arrest in September 2017 for murder and attempted murder, confirmed a prosecutor in Namur on Saturday, according to information in Sudpresse. The man is suspected of having deliberately poisoned about twenty of his patients, both private patients and residents of a rest home where he worked, located in Meux (Province of Namur).

On September 4, 2017, a patient born in 1930 came to Bouge University Hospital and died shortly thereafter. At first, his death was not considered suspicious but analyzes showed an abnormally high insulin level for a person not suffering from diabetes.

The first suspicions fell on the nurse who had been working part-time for two years in the nursing home “La Méridienne”, located in Meux.

The man, from Basse-Sambre, is believed to be behind 21 deaths. On September 14, 2017, he was placed under an arrest warrant for murder. In November, he was also charged with attempted murder. Since his arrest, he denies any involvement and makes divergent statements.

The prosecutor recalled that despite his indictment, the suspect still enjoys the presumption of innocence and the right to remain silent. “It’s hard to claim that it’s about a serial killer, it’s more of a serial issue we are facing today,” he said.

The Meux rest home is not involved in the deaths and collaborates with the investigators.

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