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    137 signposts placed around Brussels schools

    © Belga
    Significant numbers of recognizable yellow fluorescent pencil signs will be placed outside schools.
    © Belga

    On Thursday morning the first of the 137 signposts, with the aim of improving road safety around Brussels schools, was placed outside the primary school Sint-Joris. Els Ampe, the Alderwoman with responsibility for Mobility at Brussels City Council, hopes that this scheme will encourage drivers to take their foot off the pedal, when in the vicinity of school.

    Parents of pupils attending this school, located on Rue des Alexiens in the centre of Brussels, have been pioneers in this sphere: since 2013, they have put forward a mobility plan but have also requested a larger roadway and better signage around the school.

    Els Ampe said that the 137 signposts, taking the form of the recognizable yellow fluorescent pencils, will ultimately be placed on the edges of schools in the Brussels City Council area. Their positioning will be as much within as outside the pentagon area, where the speed is already limited to 30 kilometres per hour. For Ampe, safety around schools is now an absolute priority.

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brussels Times