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    Training of social workers in signs of radicalisation

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Social workers will be trained to detect possible signs of radicalisation among people who apply for social assistance announced the Minister of Social Integration Denis Ducarme (RM) in Sudpresse on Friday. The training also aims at providing them with adequate means to deal with the problem. A budget of € 100,000 will be allocated to the training which mainly takes the form of e-learning and will start in September 2018.

    The project follows the recommendations of the parliamentary inquiry commission on the terrorist attacks in Brussels in March 2016.

    The minister was a member of the commission. “I was able to understand how essential the detection of radicalism is and that all efforts should be made in the face of this threat, not only by the police and the judiciary,” Ducarme says.

    If this type of training can help to detect threats “before they become real, it’s obviously essential to take make the effort”, adds the minister.

    The Brussels Times