March for the closure of abattoirs in Brussels

March for the closure of abattoirs in Brussels

A fourth march calling for the closure of all abattoirs took place in Brussels on Sunday. It was organised by animals rights group Bite Back. Police say around 750 people attended. 

The demonstration ended with a “die-in” in front of La Monnaie. Around 100 people laid on the ground to symbolise animal deaths. The participants wore red to represent an abattoir site. There was music and animal cries playing in the background. There will be similar demonstrations in 40 other cities throughout the world in June.  

“We are calling for the abolition of farming, fishing and abattoirs because meat production means killing the animals we eat. Using products made from animals is not an absolute necessity and animals should not be mistreated for no reason. We want the abattoirs closed rather than better conditions. There is no respectful or humane way to kill animals”, says Bite Back spokesman Benjamin Loison. 

The organisation said more than 313 million animals were killed in Belgium in 2017. It also said that conditions in farming, transport, abattoirs and fishing generally mean the animals suffer.  

“Politicians need to ban abattoirs. It won’t be tomorrow or even in the next decade, but social change is coming faster and faster. If we want to evolve as a society, towards a world that doesn’t discriminate against the weak, we need to consider animals morally”, says Benjamin Loison.  

Andy Sanchez
The Brussels Times 

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