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    Belgian couple arrested on terrorism charges


    A Belgian couple suspected of plotting a terrorist attack was arrested earlier this afternoon in Brussels. According to a statement sent out by the Belgian federal prosecutor’s office, Amir S. and Nasimeh N. planned to carry out a bomb attack during a conference held by the Iranian opposition party MEK in Villepinte, France, on Saturday.

    The couple were charged with attempted terrorist murder and the “preparation of a terrorist offence”, according to the press release sent out by the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office. It’s unclear why the couple failed to carry out their terrorist attack on Saturday.

    Special police units intercepted the couple in their Mercedes vehicle in Saint-Pierre-Woluwe, a wealthy outer commune of Brussels, earlier this afternoon.

    Police found explosives and a detonation device in a small toiletry bag in the couple’s vehicle.

    Police investigators also conducted five house searches in two Antwerp province towns in Flanders, two Hainaut province towns in Wallonia and the Brussels district of Uccle.

    Linda A. Thompson
    The Brussels Times