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Commuters filled almost 50% of jobs in Brussels

According to a study of home-work trips by Brussels Studies, 345,250 of approximately 708,900 employees lived outside the Brussels-Capital Region at the end of 2016. Of those commuters, 31 percent live in the Flemish Region and 17.6 percent in the Walloon Region. The Brussels-Capital Region accounts for 15.6 percent of the total number of jobs in the country and 10.5 percent of the Belgian population. The number of jobs also increased by 8.2 percent between the end of 2000 and the end of 2016.

The median distance of the daily home-work trip for employees living and working within the Brussels-Capital Region is 3.6 kilometres. For commuters it’s 35 kilometres.

Almost half of the employees in the Brussels-Capital Region use the car to get to work. There seems to be a direct correlation between bike use and education level. Conversely, it was noted that the higher the individual’s education, the less likely they would be to use public transportation. Car-pooling was also more often used lower-educated employees.

Arthur Rubinstein
The Brussels Times