Exhibition on war and peace in Europe

Exhibition on war and peace in Europe

The House of European History in Brussels opens today an exhibition called ”Unheard Traces” where young people display their views on war and peace. But not only that: space is provided for the visitors to contribute to the exhibition. “We warmly invite people to share their losses and project their hopes,” says  Museum Director Constanze Itzel. ”Come and fill the empty showcases and mark the walls with your stories. This House is a house for your stories, just as it is the house for the memories of the young people."

Seventeen young people from around Europe are bringing together objects referring to their personal and collective stories related to war and peace in Europe. The artist Guglielmo Manenti gives a voice to the objects by translating their background stories into illustrations.

The group hopes to open a new dialogue on a promise of a peaceful Europe. Unheard Traces will be on display until 14 October.

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