Scandal at European Parliament: MEP Kaili no longer under electronic surveillance

Scandal at European Parliament: MEP Kaili no longer under electronic surveillance
MEP Eva Kaili. Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Euranet Plus

In the investigation into corruption in the European Parliament, former Vice-President Eva Kaili has been released under conditions by the investigating judge, the Federal Prosecutor's Office announced.

Kaili was being monitored electronically via an ankle bracelet, but the investigation no longer requires it, confirmed authorities on Thursday. "This release is subject to the usual conditions in such cases."

For several months now, the Federal Prosecutor's Office has been conducting a major investigation into Qatar and Morocco's attempts to influence the economic and political decision-making of the European Parliament.

Both countries have reportedly tried to influence decisions and resolutions of the Parliament through former Italian MEP Pier Antonio Panzeri and his non-profit organisation, Fight Impunity.

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In early December 2022, not only was Panzeri arrested but also Kaili and her partner Francesco Giorgi, among others. On 11 February, Belgian MEP Marc Tarabella was also placed under an arrest warrant.

The four other suspects were all released from prison and placed under electronic surveillance. Kaili was the last to leave the prison and was only allowed to return to the home she shares with Giorgi last month.

Now, Kaili has been released from electronic surveillance as well, just as Tarabella and Giorgi were previously. Panzeri, however, is still required to wear an ankle bracelet.

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