VUB student releases song about sexual harassment on the street
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    VUB student releases song about sexual harassment on the street

    © Ellie Fey/Youtube
    Screengrab from the video for "woman"
    © Ellie Fey/Youtube

    Belgian singer Ellie Fey has released a song and video inspired by on her own experiences of sexual harassment on the street.

    Under her alias of Ellie Fey, VUB student  Aurélie Boffé released the single, entitled ‘Woman’.

    With the song, she hopes to encourage all women who have been victims of sexual harassment in the streets. “The frustration was so deep that the song was written in five minutes”, she said, reports HLN.


    Eight years ago, when she was thirteen, Boffé was confronted with sexual harassment for the first time when construction workers shouted and made obscene gestures in her direction.”I did not dare to do anything but look at the ground and wanted to leave as quickly as possible,” said the 21-year-old from Overijse.

    “In the years that followed, it only got worse. Especially now that I am studying in Brussels. Whether I walk alone or with friends on the street, I always feel the dirty looks and I hear the men shouting all sorts of shitty things. Some even hit me on the backside. And I am not alone,” she said. 

    A lot of women have to undergo this as if it were normal, she adds.

    The Brussels Times