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Brussels could ban smoking in cars with minors

Brussels could fall in line with the rest of the country and move to ban smoking in cars with minors, according to Belgian media. Environment Minister Céline Frémault is in favour of banning car smoking in the presence of minors, according to RTBF. She hopes to table a draft order by the Easter holidays, to deal with what she calls a “real public health issue”.

It is not possible to incorporate the ban into existing legislation, said the minister’s office. Therefore the required work will take longer.

It remains to be seen whether the text will be able to complete its legislative process in time to be voted before the end of the legislature. 

In Flanders, the ban has been going on since Saturday. It is forbidden to smoke in a car in the presence of a young person under 16 years old. In case of infringement, the fine can reach up to 1000 euros.

A similar measure was also adopted in Wallonia, with an age limit of 18 years, but is yet to enter into force. The Walloon Parliament has voted on the text, but the date of entry is yet to be decided.

The Brussels Times