Brussels metro unveils its newly designed trains

Brussels metro unveils its newly designed trains
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STIB, the Brussels public transport company, has announced the purchase of 43 new underground trains, 22 of which will arrive this year.

The total order amounts to €300 million euro, STIB’s largest order of its kind. Besides the new look and design, the trains will be able to carry more passengers (758 at full capacity), and be more punctual than the current trains according to STIB.

The new trains will have 15 cm wider doors than the current trains, more inside space, while also providing passengers with more information. © Belga

Metro lines 1 and 5 will see increased frequencies from the current 2 minutes and 30 seconds down to 2 minutes, and metro lines 2 and 6 will see their frequencies down from a train every 3 minutes, to 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

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The new trains will also serve the future Albert-Bordet northern line (number 3). The trains also feature a detachable driver’s wagon, allowing the trains to become fully automated by 2028, with a frequency of 90 seconds between each train.

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