Koekelberg accident: Police recorded driving in cycle lane

Koekelberg accident: Police recorded driving in cycle lane
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A recording made by VTM NEWS has shown a police vehicle driving on a cycle path in Koekelberg, where a young woman fatally hit by a car on Sunday. VTM journalists made the recording of several cars – including a police vehicle – driving along a cycle path in Koekelberg. The journalists then decided to show these images to the mayor, Ahmed Laaouej, who denounced the act, telling them to give the video to the police.

A 30-year-old woman from Brussels died in the accident on Avenue de Jette in Koekelberg. She left Parc Elisabeth in Koekelberg at around 11.30 a.m. and wanted to cross Avenue de Jette via the pedestrian crossing at Rue De Neck.

Two vehicles stopped to let the woman cross, but a Volkswagen Polo drove past the stationary cars along the right side of the bicycle path and hit the woman head-on. The driver was not under the influence of alcohol but only had his provisional driving license.

“We will identify the car and determine who the driver was. Then we will rightly inform the director,” said Johan Berckmans, police chief of the Brussels West zone on seeing the action of the police car, according to reports.

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