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    Over a quarter of the speed cameras in Brussels are broken


    More than a quarter of the fixed speed cameras in the Brussels Region do not work, according to reports.  27 of the 95 radars installed in the Brussels Region were “damaged” as of 1 March, reports Bruzz, citing confirmation from the office of the Secretary of State for Road Safety Bianca Debaets (CD&V).

    Last February, a broken down speed camera on Boulevard du Lambermont in Schaerbeek made the headlines in Brussels. The unit was not working due to damage to the radar sensors required to evaluate the speed of a motorist, and repairs were drastically needed. 

    More often than not, the reason for the broken speed cameras across the city is the same as on Boulevard du Lambermont: the sensors under the road used to measure vehicle speed are damaged through long term wear from vehicles passing by, and a lack of ongoing repairs. 

    “In the past, too little was invested in maintenance,” says Inge Paemen, spokesperson for Brussels-Mobility, in Bruzz.

    Jules Johnston
    The Brussels Times