New Brussels bus line gets two electric vehicles

New Brussels bus line gets two electric vehicles

As of 6 May, STIB's bus network will have a new line, the bus 37 - and it's a sign of things to come.  The line is the first significant step in the 2019 STIB bus plan, which will also see two electric buses used on the route, according to the Brussels transport company. 

The bus will connect Albert and Gare de Linkebeek, and will have stops at a number of educational institutions (Floréal primary school, Sint-Jozef primary school, Saint-Pierre College, Royal Uccle 1 and 2 Athénée, Notre Dame des Champs, etc.) along the way.


The new line is the first sign of significant restructuring to be carried out as part of the 2019 plan. According to its spokesman, STIB has been working for at least two years to reorganise its network in line with developments in the city, such as new residential areas, reports Bruzz. 

The aim is to increase bus frequency and improve connections across the board. The bus plan also aims to increase sustainability with the introduction of the two electric buses on line 37. Additionally, as of 2025, STIB only wants to purchase electric vehicles for its fleets. 

Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times

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