'Surprisingly successful': Brussels' first sex doll brothel already lasts a year

'Surprisingly successful': Brussels' first sex doll brothel already lasts a year
One of the dolls in Brussels' first 'sex doll brothel'

A Belgian 'brothel' - staffed by 'advanced sex dolls' - has officially been running as a successful business in the North of Brussels for a year now, much to the surprise of the owner.

As the pioneer in Belgium in the branch of advanced sex dolls, owner Fabrice Jacobs (51) said he was unsure if his venture would be a viable business model. "I did not expect the success at all," he told The Brussels Times. "Since a sex doll brothel like this did not exist yet in Belgium, I did not know if there would be a market for it. But it appears that there is," he added.

A surprising number of clients have visited, and continue to do so, said Jacobs. "They are from all ages. Men in their twenties, in their fifties, men whom you would think have no issue chatting up someone at a bar," he said to Het Nieuwsblad.

However, Jacobs is convinced his 'brothel' is in no way competition for the real prostitutes in the Garde du Nord area, or anywhere else. "Most men that come here visit just once, out of curiosity, I think. However, I do have a few regulars as well," he told The Brussels Times.

According to sexologist Wim Slabbinck, a sex doll might be a good solution for people who do not have any intimate relations but also do not want to visit a sex worker. "I'm convinced that the use of sex dolls and even sex robots is going to keep gaining popularity," he explained.

"A lot of the businessmen that are staying at hotels nearby come to visit every once in a while. I've received a few couples, and a man with a disability as well. My oldest client is 81. I have another client who is in his sixties and his wife does not want to have sex anymore, but he still does. Going to a real sex worker would be cheating, he feels," Jacobs added.

The sex dolls all have a different build, their own story and even a name. Zohra has golden blonde curls in her hair and is one of the most popular dolls, as is Linda, who has XL-breasts. Jacobs imports the dolls from Asia. "The first dolls came from the USA, but they cost me around 2,000 euros each. The ones from China are a lot cheaper," he explains.

Interest from the general public seems to be growing, according to Het Nieuwsblad, and for women as well. "I have been asked if I have a male doll a few times already. But right now, I don't," Jacobs said. "The sale of the dolls seems to be catching on too. Last month alone, I sold two. The advantage, of course, is that interested buyers can come here to test them first."

You can book a doll, made out of TPE-silicones so it adapts to room temperature, for 30 minutes (50 euros), an hour (80 euros) or 90 minutes (120 euros). The brothel is set up in a separate part of Jacobs' home in the North of Brussels.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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