Indigenous chief launches Brussels Youth for Climate march

Indigenous chief launches Brussels Youth for Climate march

A legendary Brazilian Indigenous chief has kicked-off the 18th edition of the Youth for Climate marches in the Belgian capital, where he delivered a speech to climate activists for the latest edition of the youth-powered movement.

Raoni Metuktire, chief of the Kayopo people from the Brazilian Amazon, delivered a speech in front of climate activists at around 10:30 AM on Friday, as the demonstration was set to depart Brussels’ Gare Centrale.

The 87-year-old chief—who has met former Belgian King Leopold the III during the latter’s expedition into the Brazilian Amazon— has been campaigning for the environment and for the preservation of his native rainforest for decades.

He became known internationally after the release of “Raoni” a 1978 French-Belgian documentary on deforestation in the Amazon, which also featured American film-star Marlon Brando.

Raoni’s visit to Brussels is part of a wider three-week tour to the old continent to meet with European leaders to discuss the aggravating situation in the Amazon, and to raise funds for its surveillance and conservation.

The last Youth for Climate march is expected to take place on May 24, two days before the European Parliament and Belgian federal and regional elections.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times

Correction: This story had been updated to say it was Leopold III, not II who met with Raoni Metuktire

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