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    Police officer regrets attacking arrested man in Molenbeek

    Facebook screenshot
    Facebook screenshot

    The officer of the Brussels West police who was filmed kicking and hitting an arrested man in Molenbeek has been arrested, and has since apologised. On Tuesday, the Brussels West police zone announced that the police officer had been placed on hold, awaiting a decision about his suspension. He was arrested the next day, on Wednesday. In the meantime, the officer has already apologised.

    “I do not understand why I did it,” he said, “I do not understand my reaction. I really am sorry,” he added.

    One of the arrested man’s colleagues defended his actions, saying there were mitigating circumstances, like the adrenaline of the chase, reported Het Nieuwsblad.

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    In the violent video, a man is seen being held down by a policeman, while a second gets out of a car and kicks him in the head several times. He then hits him with his fists. Two other police officers are also seen in the video.

    The reason for the police intervention was a theft in the Brussels-Capital-Ixelles police zone. The victim was initially arrested and taken by the police of Capital Ixelles. He was released afterwards and has since filed a complaint against the officer’s actions.

    Maïthé Chini
    The Brussels Times