Urban winery launches first batch of Brussels-made wine
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    Urban winery launches first batch of Brussels-made wine

    A wine cellar located in a Brussels industrial neighbourhood has put the Belgian capital on the wine map. Credit: Pixabay

    Brussels has been put on the Belgian wine map after a self-described “urban winery” has rolled out its first vat of organic, Brussels-made wine.

    Gudule is the first urban wine cellar in Belgium, operating out of an entrepreneurial hub located in the heart of the city’s northern, industrial neighbourhood of Tour & Taxis.

    “In Belgium, wine is either Walloon or Flemish,” Thierry Lejeune of Gudule told BX1, referring to the regionalised agricultural policies of Belgium.

    “Brussels doesn’t exist in the Belgian wine map as a producer, although it is very present as a consumer,” he added.

    Named after the Belgian capital’s patron saint, Saint-Gudula, the winery imports its grapes from vineyards across Europe into the Belgian capital, where it then carries out the entire wine-making process.

    The first vat contains five organic wines in total two red, two white and one rosé.

    Gabriela Galindo
    The Brussels Times