Brussels' Villo bikes go electric this summer

Brussels' Villo bikes go electric this summer
Electric bikes will be added into Brussels' public bike-sharing scheme. Credit: © Belga

Public e-bikes will soon be seen darting through the streets of Brussels after the city's bike-sharing scheme operator said it would revamp its fleet with over a thousand electric units as of this summer.

Around 1,800 of Villo's 5,000 bikes will be replaced by new, electric models throughout the summer months, the scheme operator announced on Thursday.

The new electric units will be able to ride around 8 to 10 kilometres before needing a recharge.

Users wishing to opt into the e-bike option will receive a portable, rechargeable battery which can be branched into the electric bikes.

The electric bike option will have an additional cost on top of the regular subscription to the service, which an estimated 35,000 people use, according to the statement.

The decision to introduce electric bikes into the city's public bike-sharing scheme follows an agreement between Brussels' Minister of Mobility, Pascal Smet and the scheme's operator in July of 2018.

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