Serious crash in Schaerbeek: one seriously injured, driver at large

Serious crash in Schaerbeek: one seriously injured, driver at large

A driver involved in a severe crash that took place at a Schaerbeek road junction at the weekend managed to escape the scene of the crash by foot, leaving the car's passenger behind with severe injuries.

The car passenger reportedly sustained severe injuries after the driver she was riding with lost control of the vehicle, which barrel-rolled several times before crashing and landing upside down, according to BX1.

The emergency response services arrived at the scene to attend the injured woman, but the driver of the vehicle had reportedly already fled the scene by foot.

The crash took place at around 20:50 at the junction between the busy Chaussée de Helmet and Rue Waelhem on Saturday, when the roads were made slippery under the relentless showers.

According to witness accounts reported by Bruzz, the driver of the vehicle, with a French-licence plate, lost control of the car after attempting to overtake another vehicle at a high speed, with the wheels slipping on tram rails.

Authorities recently announced plans to improve the traffic circulation in the Schaerbeek road junction, which has seen a series of accidents in recent months, including a hit-and-run incident which left a 14-year-old girl severely injured.

Gabriela Galindo

The Brussels Times

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