Brussels: Calculate your impact on air quality

Brussels: Calculate your impact on air quality
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With September’s Mobility Week approaching quickly, Brussels Mobility, in collaboration with Brussels Environment, is proposing to the capital’s residents an online calculator that measures their travel impact on air quality. 

In Brussels, 632 premature deaths per year are attributed to poor air quality, Brussels Mobility deplored on Wednesday. Similarly, road transport is responsible for the majority of gases and fine particle emissions. Invisible to the naked eye, these particles can be respiratory and cardiovascular risks. 

Last year, the annual fine particles concentration limit recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) was exceeded in a third of the measuring stations in Brussels, and the daily threshold more than three times in all stations. 

This online tool is “a simple way to find out if one is part of the solution … or of the problem. Depending on the results, citizens are given tips,” Brussels Mobility said. 

The organization also encourages Brussels residents to test other modes of transportation this summer.

The calculator is available on the website

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