Brussels nightclub under investigation for customer intoxication
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    Brussels nightclub under investigation for customer intoxication

    The You nightclub in downtown Brussels. Credit: Christian Lauwers/Google Maps.

    A nightclub in downtown Brussels has shut down and is under investigation after six of its customers had to hospitalised for reasons that remain so far unclear, with authorities saying drugs or alcohol may be involved.

    Emergency services came to the You Night Club in Rue Duquesnoy at daybreak on Monday after several customers reported feeling sick. Six were taken to the hospital for what emergency teams initially believed was carbon monoxide poisoning.

    But on Tuesday the fire department said that carbon monoxide had been quickly ruled out as a possible cause for the intoxication, according to Bruzz.

    “There are suspicions that drugs or alcohol were involved,” Commissioner William Mariel, spokesperson for the Brussels police, told the outlet.

    The club has been ordered to shut down and the public prosecutor’s office has launched an investigation into the events.

    Mariel said that as the investigation evolves, those affected in the incident will be brought in for questioning.

    Gabriela Galindo
    The Brussels Times