Police seize 22 animals from Brussels studio

Police seize 22 animals from Brussels studio
Over fifty animals were found crammed inside an apartment in Brussels, out of which 22 were seized. Credit: Police Bruxelles-Ouest Politie Brussel-West/Facebook

An operation by the Brussels police has led to the seizure of 22 animals found crammed inside a  studio in Brussels, including dogs, turtles, guinea pigs and dozens of malnourished kittens stashed inside a bag.

The animal welfare section of the Brussels-West police zone investigated an apartment building in the Brussels municipality of Jette on July 26 following complaints by residents about "strong animal odours."

During previous inspections in June, police discovered 68 different animals crammed inside the 35 square metre studio in the building, including pigeons, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, turtles and fish, according to BX1.


Police said 17 out of the 29 birds found were protected species, and that the animals were kept in cages stacked against every wall in the studio as well as on top the kitchen counters and on the terrace.

In the latest operation police confiscated: ten severely malnourished kittens crammed inside a bag, three pigeons, two rabbits, four guinea pigs, two tortoises and a turtle.

Some of the animals were handed over the Pari Daiza zoo while others were taken in by animal welfare associations.

The inhabitants of the studio, referred to as 41-year-old Sylvia and Denis, are unemployed and known to judicial services, Johan Berckmans, spokesperson for the police zone, said, according to the outlet.

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