Senegalese activist found dead in Brussels home

Senegalese activist found dead in Brussels home
Binta Sagna, a Senegalese activist, died in her Brussels home of natural causes, authorities said. Credit: Binta Sagna/Facebook

Binta Sagna, a French-born Senegalese activist, was found dead in her Brussels home at the start of the week, and police on Wednesday said the celebrated African entrepreneur died of natural causes.

The 40-year-old's body was found in her home in Brussels on Tuesday at 17:30 in unspecified circumstances, according to BX1.

"Given the young age of the victim and the fact that the cause of death was unclear, the prosecutor's office has been informed. The federal police's laboratory and a forensic expert have been assigned to determine the cause of death," a spokesperson with the prosecutor's office said.

The prosecutor's office on Wednesday said that it had been established that Sagna died of natural causes, which were left unspecified.

Founder of the international events agency La Sénégauloise, the Brussels resident had been named one of the most influential people from the African continent in 2017 by a South African magazine.

She was also a vocal feminist, who supported female entrepreneurs with their projects and worked with them against stereotypes affecting women of colour, taking part in a 2015 event in Brussels called "Laughing Against Racism."

Following news of her passing, dozens have taken to posting farewell messages and tributes on the activists' social media profiles.

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