Mankini-wearing man rides e-scooter through Brussels tunnel

Mankini-wearing man rides e-scooter through Brussels tunnel
A man in a sling swimsuit was filmed riding an e-scooter through a Brussels tunnel. Credit: Jump IT/Facebook screenshoot.

A man wearing nothing more than a bright-green mankini was filmed whizzing onboard an e-scooter through a vehicle tunnel in Brussels in an apparent publicity stunt at the weekend.

Footage of the feat was shared on the social media profile of Jump IT, a stunt school based in the municipality of Anderlecht, and whose handle was the only other thing seen on the man.

On its Facebook page, the school said the video had been sent to it by one of its "fans," who was "apparently a little crazy."

The footage appeared to be captured from a car riding closely behind the man, who, throughout the video, is only shown from his backside as he scoots in and out of Tunnel Botanique wearing the green sling swimsuit.

The incident on Sunday marks the second time since June that a person has been caught on film breaking traffic regulations and riding an electric scooter through a traffic tunnel.

Gabriela Galindo

The Brussels Times

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