E-scooters replace public transport for journeys in Brussels
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    E-scooters replace public transport for journeys in Brussels

    Lime e-scooters are one of the many options that have arrived in Brussels. Credit: © Belga

    Use of the e-scooter in Brussels is essentially taking over for journeys previously made by public transport or on foot, but it is also replacing cars and motorbikes for some trips, Le Soir wrote on Wednesday, basing its story on a study conducted by Bruxelles Mobilité.

    Seven “electric micro-scooter riders” out of ten have turned to this machine, combining it with walking, to replace public transport. For 26%, it comes down to using an e-scooter for journeys undertaken beforehand using a motorised vehicle, Belga reports.

    Bruxelles Mobilité has also come up with a typical profile for e-scooter users: two out of three are men, in common with cyclists (64.1%). They tend to be quite young (44% are aged between 25 and 34) and qualified, with more than half holding a higher education degree or diploma).

    In addition, the journeys undertaken on e-sooters do not often last long, generally between 5 and 10 minutes and under 20 minutes.

    The Brussels Times