Passengers land in Brussels after nearly 30 hours of delay
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    Passengers land in Brussels after nearly 30 hours of delay

    Passengers on a Brussels Airlines flight flying into Brussels from Tunisia were subject to a near 30-hour delay. Credit: © Belga

    Hundreds of passengers on a Brussels-bound flight landed in the city with a delay of nearly 30 hours at the weekend, caused by a technical issue in an aircraft operated by Brussels Airlines.

    The flight landed in Brussels Airport at around 4:40 PM on Saturday, a roughly 28-hour delay from their original landing time of midday on Friday.

    Ahead of the originally scheduled departure from Djarba, an island off the coast of Tunisia, a computer problem was detected in the cockpit.

    “We needed to replace a computer which controlled the screens in the cockpit,” a spokesperson for the airline said, according to BX1.

    As a result, the around 180 passengers on the flight had to spend an additional night on the Tunisian island.

    “We were taken to a run down-hotel without any support on-site,” a passenger on the flight told HLN, adding that they were picked up the next morning at around 9:30 AM for a flight that took some time to depart.

    The spokesperson for the company said: “We ask our passengers to accept our apologies,” adding that safety was “always the main priority.”

    Gabriela Galindo
    The Brussels Times