Brussels declares state of climate emergency

Brussels declares state of climate emergency
Brussels became the region's second municipality to declare a climate state of emergency. Credit: Pixabay

Brussels has declared a state of climate emergency, in a move by municipal officials aimed at prioritising climate goals and environmental measures at the local level.

"We want to show that local authorities can be a pioneer in the fight against climate change," alderman for climate, Benoit Hellins, told Bruzz.

The move, largely symbolic, makes Brussels the second municipality in the region to declare a state of climate emergency after Koekelberg first made the move in May.

While it does not comprise the adoption of new measures, it signals an ambition by authorities to fast-track environmental and climate-friendly measures.

Existing plans regarding improved circulation, better water management and zero-waste initiatives will now be implemented as a priority, the outlet reports.

The municipality of Brussels will also step up efforts to achieve a goal adopted by the regional government of Brussels to make the region climate neutral by 2050.

The motion was supported by representatives of the green parties (Groen, Écolo), by the labour PDVA party and by the Flemish Christian Democratic CD&V.

A representative of the nationalist N-VA said that while it saw the urgency of the measure as "positive," they would need to see the text before supporting the resolution with a vote.

"Brussels has an exemplary role as the capital of Belgium and we hope that other municipalities will follow," local alderman Hellings added.

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