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Walloon and Brussels appeal against police decree

Credit: Belga

Brussels and Walloon municipalities unite in their decision to lodge an appeal against the royal decree that reflects a Federal/Unions agreement for revaluation of police salary scales, L’Echo reported on Thursday.

Nineteen Brussels mayors decided unanimously on Wednesday to lodge an appeal against the Royal Decree of 20 June 2019 that amends the legal financial position of police personnel.

This decree reflects a sectoral agreement that led to police salary revaluation, negotiated in 2018 between unions and the federal government, without associating the communal level.

The Wallonia Cities and Municipalities Union (UVCW) had already decided last August to lodge an appeal for annulment. The Brussels counterpart has now done the same.

According to Brulocalis estimates, the additional cost for police zones will amount to 114.07 million euros for the 2019-2023 period and ultimately to approximately 40 million euros annually for all police zones throughout the kingdom.

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