New strike action in Brussels over Delhaize franchising announcement

New strike action in Brussels over Delhaize franchising announcement
Credit: Belga

The management of Belgian supermarket chain Delhaize announced that its workers went on strike at its Theodor store in Jette on Monday, in protest of plans that would see it become a newly-franchised location.

The management of the supermarket chain announced on Monday that a third wave of supermarkets will be franchised, meaning they will come under the control of independent operators.

19 more locations, including three more locations in the capital, will be brought under independent owners, meaning that 51 stores out of the supermarkets 128 locations will pass to a franchise model.

After learning that a new independent operator would take over the location, workers at the Theodor store terminated their employment contracts, Delhaize spokesperson Ine Tassignon claimed.

Another location affected by the new wave of franchising also went on strike on Monday morning. Workers at the Montigny store in Hainaut also blocked the entrance to customers, but the store has since been reopened.

Employees at these stores will keep their pay and working conditions, and there is a guarantee that no supermarket branches will close before at least the end of 2028, Delhaize claims. Those who agree to take early retirement may receive compensation of as much as €10,000.

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