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    Girl (12) hospitalised in hit-and-run on pedestrian crossing

    The girl was hit by a car on the Gentsesteenweg in Asse-ter-Heide. Credit: Google Street View

    A 12-year-old girl was injured on Thursday morning when she was hit by a car without lights on the Gentsesteenweg in Asse-ter-Heide.

    The girl was waiting at a pedestrian crossing while she was on her way to school when her phone fell on the ground. When she wanted to pick it up, she was hit by a car.

    “The car was driving very fast,” Kelly Moonen, the girl’s mother said to Het Laatste Nieuws. “That is the only thing that my daughter can remember. The driver immediately sped away, but the man driving in front of him stopped. He heard the hit and immediately came to help,” she said.

    The girl could not move her legs anymore and was taken to the OLV hospital in Asse. “Her hips and her legs hurt,” said the girl’s mother. “The doctors want to do an ultrasound scan of her liver and spleen. It is not clear yet how severe her injuries are,” she added.

    Immediately after the accident, the family launched an appeal, with a photo of the injured girl in the ambulance, to find the driver. “We do not have a lot of details, because it all went so fast, but it is not okay for a driver without lights to hit my daughter, and then just drive on,” they said, reports Het Nieuwsblad.

    Maïthé Chini
    The Brussels Times