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Fire department delayed due to incorrectly parked cars

One of two fire trucks was blocked on Rue Josaphat by two incorrectly parked vehicles. Credit: Google Street View

Incorrectly parked cars in Schaerbeek blocked an intervention by firefighters to an emergency call over a fire which left two people slightly injured at the weekend.

Two teams of the Brussels fire department were deployed to the northern Brussels municipality at around 8:30 PM on Sunday for a fire which broke out on Rue des Coteaux.

One of the two firetrucks was blocked on the way to the fire by cars which were wrongly parked on Rue Josaphat, which runs parallel, spokesperson Walter Derieuw said, according to Bruzz.

The department usually sends out two different teams when called for an intervention, with each taking a different route.

Only one of the two teams made it to the scene of the blaze on time, with the other calling the police for help with the cars, which their respective owners eventually moved.

Two people were slightly injured in the fire, sustaining small cuts after they had to break through a window to escape the flames.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times