‘Black’ facade of Brussels’ Sainte-Catherine Church to be renovated
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    ‘Black’ facade of Brussels’ Sainte-Catherine Church to be renovated

    The north facade of the church has turned black as a result of soot pollution. Credit: Belga

    The ‘black facade’ of the church of Saint-Catherine on the Marché aux Poissons will be polished at the end of 2020.

    The north facade of the church, which opens onto the Marché aux Poissons, has turned black as a result of soot pollution and will be polished. The stained-glass windows will also be shined.

    Beliris, the cooperation between the Federal government and the Brussels Region with the aim of improving the image of Brussels as the capital of Belgium and Europe, will be tasked with the renovation works and received a €4.6 million budget. On Monday evening, the City of Brussels decided to also put aside an additional €500,000, should the renovation costs increase.

    “We have put aside an extra 10% of the budget, so we have a total of €5 million,” said Youri Maury, the spokesperson of the Brussels Alderman for Public Patrimony Khalid Zian, reports BX1. “We do not know if we will need it, but we will put it aside to make sure we have a big enough margin, just in case,” he added.

    According to Beliris, the costs will not be that high. “We have estimated the costs at about €4.3 million, and so for all procedures are going smoothly,” said Marianne Hiernaux, the spokesperson of the organisation, to Bruzz. “We hope to appoint a contractor over the course of next year so that we can start the works by the end of 2020,” she added.

    The previous renovation of the church, on the west facade of the Place Sainte-Catherine, lasted two and a half years and cost €1.8 million.

    Maïthé Chini
    The Brussels Times