SNCB announces fare hikes from 2020

SNCB announces fare hikes from 2020
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Train passengers travelling with Belgium’s national railway company will see ticket fares raised as of February 2020, the SCNB/NMBS announced.

The rail company said that it would hike the prices for single tickets, monthly and multiple trip rail passes but that fares for youth travellers would remain unchanged.

Standard week and weekend tickets will see a rise of 1.53%, while monthly work and school passes will rise by 2.87% as of  1 February 2020.

The fare increases, which the company at least partially based on a consumer price index known as the Health Index in Belgium, which rose by 1.87% between June 2018 and 2019.

On average, the fares of other products, excluding passes, will rise by 1.87% in accordance to the Health Index, the company said.

The company said in a statement the price changes came as it worked to make rail travel “more attractive for holidaymakers,” in addition to commuters.

Fares for the Key Card pass, used for travelling short distances in a delimitated zone, and of senior’s pass will be raised respectively by 0.30€ and 0.20€ per trip.

Additionally, a restriction barring senior-pass holders to use their passes during the months of July and August will be lifted, the company said.

The price hikes come as the SNCB prepares to pull staff from ticket counters in stations, citing changes in travellers’ purchasing habits, a measure which a recent survey showed sparked opposition against travellers.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times

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