Minister sets date for slashing of Brussels speed limit

Minister sets date for slashing of Brussels speed limit
Zone 30 signs in the Brussels-Capital Region. Credit: Belga.

The Zone 30 will come into force throughout the Brussels-Capital Region from 1 January 2021, Brussels Minister of Mobility, Public Works and Road Safety Elke Van den Brandt told Le Soir on Thursday.

The measure, which will see the speed limit capped to 30 kilometres per hour on all but the most important roads in the region, was agreed upon in principal after the regional government compiled a mobility plan in July 2019.

"We must appease the city, improve the well-being of residents, secure traffic, reduce noise (by 50%) and reduce pollution," explained Van den Brandt.

The 30-kilometre speed limit will be applied with the exception of major structural axes roads where motorists will be allowed to drive at a speed of  50 kilometres per hour, and sometimes 70 kilometres per hour.

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"In Brussels, the driver will know that, unless otherwise stated, they cannot exceed 30 kilometres per hour- the opposite of what is happening today where 30 [kilometres] is the exception," Van den Brandt added.

Motorists who do not respect the Zone 30 will be subject to sanctions.

Additionally, efforts will be made to resolve the 30 "black spots" in Brussels, areas where high numbers of accidents take place, Van den Brandt explained.

Evie McCullough

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