Amadeo Brussels faces inspection after video of mice in the restaurant appears online

Amadeo Brussels faces inspection after video of mice in the restaurant appears online
Representatives from the federal food safety agency inspected the restaurant following the appearance of the video online. Credit: Amadeo Brussels Facebook page.

A video shared on Twitter showing mice in Amadeo restaurant in Brussels has led to an inspection by the federal food safety agency. 

Recorded on Tuesday evening at 10:38 PM on a smartphone, the video shows three mice scuttling around on the floor of the Amadeo rib restaurant on Rue Sainte-Catherine while a member of staff continues to work.

The Brussels Amadeo restaurant was closed at the end of August 2018, along with another outlet of the Amadeus rib restaurant chain in Kruishoutem, following the discovery by the federal food safety agency (Afsca) that both outlets had problems with vermin.

Viewed nearly 3,000 times, the video prompted Afsca inspectors to visit and inspect the restaurant on Wednesday evening.

"We take this film very seriously because the restaurant was closed in the past due to poor hygiene," said Liesbeth Van De Voorde of Afsca.

"The fact that mice have been spotted again is simply unacceptable and we will certainly follow up on this," De Voorde continued.

However, in the same way that Afsca reportedly did not find any problems during their visit to the Amadeo restaurant on 21 October, the inspectors did not discover any problems on Wednesday evening, explained the owner of the Amadeus restaurant chain Klodjan Zugu, told Nieuwsblad.

Zugu has already contacted Brussels authorities about the problem of mice on the street.

“We have been troubled by it for some time now, together with various neighbours," Zugu explained, adding that he had not yet heard anything back from the city authorities.

Evie McCullough

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