Green light for alcohol ban in Brussels pedestrian zone

Green light for alcohol ban in Brussels pedestrian zone
Place de la Bourse at night, in the Brussels pedestrian zone, before the renovation works. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Brussels city council approved an alcohol ban on the downtown pedestrian zone on Monday, following in the footsteps of other districts and municipalities due to numerous nuisance complaints.

The ban, which had been undergoing discussion within the city council, will be applied for an initial test phase following which the results will be evaluated, BX1 reports.

The ban on the pedestrian zone will comprise the Boulevard Anspach, including both Place Fontanais and Place De Brouckère, located at either end.

It will also be put in place in the neighbouring Place de la Monnaie and in streets such as Rue du Midi, Rue des Fripiers and Rue des Halles, with the perimeter also extended to the streets they connect with.

Anyone caught consuming alcoholic drinks in any of these zones will see their drink or bottle seized and could be subject to a fine of up to €350.

The city moved to apply the ban as a response to several complaints from residents of the area going from noise and cleanliness complaints to reports of vandalism and security concerns, issues often attributed with the presence of intoxicated people in the area.

Drink and food establishments are exempt from the ban, which will also be lifted whenever a public entertainment, sports or cultural event is planned there by the city.

The ban in downtown Brussels comes after the mayors of Schaerbeek and Saint-Josse implemented a similar ban on a street that occupies both the municipalities' territories, following a number of complaints in the area.

Gabriela Galindo

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