Google CEO donates €200,000 during visit to Brussels' MolenGeek

Google CEO donates €200,000 during visit to Brussels' MolenGeek
Credit: Belga

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, has visited MolenGeek, an incubator for innovative start-ups based in Molenbeek, on Monday.

He announced that a €200,000 check would be granted to the coding school of the MolenGeek association.

Google has supported MolenGeek since it started in 2015, and already granted the association a €200,000 check in 2018, allowing it to expand its workspace.

Largely, the new check is intended to go to training programmes that help people with a diverse background to find employment. The money will also be used to make progress on the theme of artificial intelligence, dedicating a six-month module as well as a second hub to it.

93% of MolenGeek's graduates have either founded a start-up, or found a job in the digital industry, according to the association's own figures. "This new support from Google will enable us to continue to offer the younger generation a way to invest in themselves," said co-founder Ibrahim Ouassari, according to the Belga press agency.

Sundar Picahi has been Google's CEO since 2015, and has been at the head of the entire Alphabet Group since the end of 2019.

Maïthé Chini

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