'Would you react?': experiment shows anti-Asian racism on Brussels metro

'Would you react?': experiment shows anti-Asian racism on Brussels metro
The experiment points out the increasing racism towards people with Asian roots. Credit: Belga

A video showing a social experiment, addressing anti-Asian racism related to the coronavirus (Covid-19), taken on the Brussels metro, is trending on YouTube.

The 16-minute video is part of the social experiment "Would you react?", a Brussels collective that addresses how bystanders react, or don't react, when confronted with certain situations.

The most recent video is related to the anti-Asian racism related to the coronavirus, and the way people react when they see an Asian person. Actors of Asian origin walked around in the subway, first without masks and later with masks. Two other white actresses verbally attacked the three Asians during several metro rides, reports RTL Info. In less than a day, the video garnered over 460,000 views.

"We were very surprised by two things: the ultra-positive reaction of almost the majority of the people captured in our video and secondly, the number of views this video has already generated: almost half a million views since last night," said Jonathan Lambinet, the Belgian director of the video, reports BX1.

The aim of the video was to point out the increased racism that the Asian communities in several parts of the world are experiencing since the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

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"Even if racism is very present on the internet, in our video we only had good reactions," said Lambinet. "It is a message of hope that we also want to convey by showing that our Belgium and our compatriots still have a lot of heart and humanity in them to react well," he added.

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