First miniature forest in Brussels to be planted in Forest

First miniature forest in Brussels to be planted in Forest
The municipality of Forest will boost green spaces by planting the Brussels' first "miniature forest" in time for spring. Credit: Stock photo (Pxfuel)

The first miniature forest in Brussels will lay down its roots in the aptly named municipality of Forest, where local officials are preparing to put seeds in the ground in time for spring.

A total of 600 trees will be planted along the borders of the southern municipality's Parc Duden, Forest Mayor Stéphane Robert said in a Facebook post.

With at least 25 different tree species set to be planted from 19 March, local authorities said the miniature forest would have a positive effect not only on the environment but also on local resident's quality of life.

"The 600 trees will improve air quality and at the same time become a kind of resting place for birds and other insects," Roberti said.

The concept of letting tiny green spaces bloom in the heart of busy urban areas draws inspiration from Japan's "tiny forests" initiative, which has been used by cities there to boost citizen wellbeing as well as to restore native forests.

In keeping with the concept, developed by botanist Akira Miyawaki, the tiny forests must be left to grow undisturbed for a period of at least ten years, Bruzz reports.

Roberti said that other similar projects were in line with a commitment to boost green spaces in the southern Brussels municipality, adding that the planting of fruit trees in public areas was also an idea being mulled over by officials.

Gabriela Galindo

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