Coronavirus: STIB not taking additional measures (yet)

Coronavirus: STIB not taking additional measures (yet)
The public transport company is asking their personnel to closely follow the "usual recommendations." Credit: Wikipedia

The Brussels public transport company STIB is not taking any additional measures against the coronavirus (Covid-19) than those advised by the FPS Public Health.

"We have asked for information with the FPS Public Health, and are following the advice that is being issued nationally. We are keeping our finger on the pulse," spokesperson An Van hamme told The Brussels Times.

The public transport company is asking their personnel to closely follow the "usual recommendations," such as wash their hands with water and soap, cough and sneeze in their elbows and avoid people who are coughing.

Ahead of the announcement on Monday of the 6 newly infected people in Belgium, of which one in Brussels, professor Herman Goossens, a microbiologist at the University of Antwerp and coordinator of the European Platform on Pandemics, said on 27 February on live radio that "it is clear that if there is an epidemic in a region, the public transport can effectively be responsible for spreading the virus." However, since at the time, there were no confirmed cases yet, measures were not necessary, according to him.

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Employees are advised to not shake hands or give kisses, and close physical contact between drivers and commuters is not recommended. Employees are also urged to make frequent use of the hygiene packages with disinfectant hand gel and wipes, which is distributed to the staff yearly, and also decontaminate the driver's cabin with them, reports Bruzz.

In the meantime, the FPS Public Health has announced it will give a daily update at 10:00 AM, during which new information about the coronavirus' development in Belgium will be communicated.

Maïthé Chini

The Brussels Times

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