Over 300 people attend right to housing protest in Brussels on Sunday

Over 300 people attend right to housing protest in Brussels on Sunday
Credit: Belga

Around 330 individuals gathered on the streets of the Belgian capital on Sunday afternoon, according to police statistics, to emphasise the crucial nature of the right to affordable and decent housing.

The European Coalition Action for the Right to Housing and the City organised the demonstration to highlight the responsibility of political decision-makers in the ongoing housing crisis in Brussels.

The crowd assembled at 15:00 near the Comte de Flandre metro station. Protestors held banners reading "Homes for people, not for money", and chanted "Stop speculating, stop evicting!" The march then proceeded to Place du Jeu de Balle where speeches were given.

"Access to decent and affordable housing is a fundamental right, just like health or education," the Brussels Gathering for the Right to Housing (RBDH), co-organisers of the event, stressed. They argued that housing "should never be a commodity designed to enhance an investment."

Regardless of social housing provided by authorities, organisers criticised the private sector's dominance over the Belgian real estate market. The sale and rental prices of homes are predominantly determined by the financial manoeuvring of private actors, with profitability as the primary goal for transactions, reported the RBDH.

"Thousands of people in Belgium struggle to find decent housing at a price proportionate to their income, if they find accommodation at all," the RBDH explained. "The most affected are single mothers, homeless people, people of non-Belgian origin, and people of colour."

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