New online supermarket launches in Brussels for fresh and local produce

New online supermarket launches in Brussels for fresh and local produce
Credit: Crisp

The Dutch online supermarket Crisp is venturing into the Belgium market and will be launching activities in Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp and Leuven, but can serve customers all across Flanders.

The company, which has been active in the Netherlands for about four years, will be working from a 15,000 m2 distribution centre in Bornem, Antwerp and mainly offers local and fresh products, including from Flemish entrepreneurs.

"We buy directly from small farmers and producers and deliver to your door," Tom Peeters, co-founder & CEO of the company, said.

Crisp's main customer base includes young families that live in or around cities, which is why the regions around Ghent and Brussels, among the most densely populated in Europe, are ideal for the company to operate around.

The launch comes in light of the news that Gorillas, a German grocery shopping app through which groceries are delivered to people's homes within minutes, is considering leaving Belgium after making its debut in Brussels less than a year ago, saying it is struggling to become profitable due to fierce competition.

Fresh and fast

If an order is placed before 22:00, customers will receive their groceries at a time of their choice the next day, including on Sundays.

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Many Belgian products are put in the limelight by the app-based supermarket, from Belgian beers to white asparagus, line-caught plaice and Belgian milk.

"As a father of two young children, I found it a challenge to make fresh, tasty and healthy food every day. Out of that need and love for good food, Crisp was born to help as many people as possible get fresh, tasty, healthy food on the table every day," Peeters said.

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