Citroën C3 most popular car in Belgium

Citroën C3 most popular car in Belgium
The 2022 Citroën C3 was the most popular car of Belgians this year. Credit: DriveSpark/Wikimedia Commons

FEBIAC, the Belgian Federation of the Automobile and Cycle Industry, has delivered its report on the Belgian automotive industry for the first half of the year, offering a glimpse into the motoring habits of ordinary Belgians.

Among its key findings are the large disparities between the regions of Belgium and Belgians’ favourite car of choice- the Citroën C3.

It has certainly been a difficult year for new car sales. Aftershocks from the Covid-19 pandemic have led to major disruption in global logistics networks, leading to shortages in components and delayed deliveries of new vehicles.

As a result, there has been a major shakeup in the Belgian automotive market. Never before have diesel vehicles been so unpopular, and the registration of new electric vehicles continues to rise year-on-year. SUVs remain extremely popular, representing more than half of new vehicle registrations in this half of the year alone.

Rising above all categories is the French-designed Citroën C3. Far from an SUV, this small call was by far the most registered vehicle this year. 4,934 new C3s were registered this year. In second place was the German-made BMW X1 (4,155), followed by the Swedish Volvo XC40 (4,067).

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While the C3 reigns supreme, when we zoom in, the picture is not as clear. In both Flanders and Brussels, the wealthier areas of Belgium, the X1 and XC40 are by far the most popular. According to Belgian newspaper La Libre Belgique, this is likely due to the prominent role of company car leases, which remain extremely popular in Belgium.

Consumer preferences between professional and ordinary consumers are also notable. For professionals, the X1 and XC40 were most popular. For ordinary consumers, economical vehicles. such as the Toyota Yaris and the Dacia Duster, were the most popular.

BMW still remains the most popular brand throughout the country for businessmen. For professional buyers, the company leads the luxury market, ahead of Mercedes and Audi. For individuals, Renault reigns supreme, followed by Volkswagen and Toyota.

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