Belgian mobility company launches small electric city car

Belgian mobility company launches small electric city car
Credit: Micro

Belgian mobility company D’Ieteren will import the Microlino, a small electric city car, and sell it through its online website in Belgium from the end of the year, La Libre Belgique reports. The Microlino is just 2.5 metres long, weighs 500 kilograms, and is built to accommodate two passengers.

Developed by Swiss company Micro, and built in Turin, Italy, the small car has a top speed of 90 kilometres per hour and can reach a range of 230 kilometres, according to the battery type (and on a good day). The base starting price for the vehicle will be €14,900 and the first vehicles should arrive in the country by the start of next year, the company announced on Thursday.

The imported car will be exhibited at the Brussels Motor Show alongside the importer’s other brands. Reservations for the vehicles will open online from the end of this year. D’Ieteren says that the design is “chic and fashionable”, boasting a 230-litre boot, which can carry up to three packs of water bottles.

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The car is intended to fill the gap between the car and the two-wheeler. D’Ieteren and manufacturer Micro point out that most motorists only travel an average of 35km per day with their car, which sits stationary for almost 90% of the time. The occupancy of vehicles is also typically 1.2 people.

“Most of today’s cars are often too big for our daily use. The size, weight, volume, and complexity of cars are all elements that can impede circulation and affect consumption of energy and therefore the efficiency of mobility,” D’Ieteren states.

The group believes that the demand for four-wheeled micro-vehicles will grow exponentially over the coming years as mobility needs develop.

“With Micro, D’Ieteren continues to invest in soft and sustainable means of mobility, which complement the classic car and characterise the entrepreneurial spirit that has driven our company since its creation,” said Denis Gorteman, CEO of D’Ieteren Automotive. “We also continue to work towards our ambitious goal of reducing CO2 emissions in the mobility solutions we offer.”

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