A quarter of employees to receive a bonus this year

A quarter of employees to receive a bonus this year
Credit: Belga

Around a quarter of Belgian employees will receive a bonus this year for their work performed in 2021, according to a survey carried out by HR services group Acerta. This fraction remains roughly stable compared to last year.

While there has been no significant increase in eligibility for end-of-year bonuses, the total amount of these pay-outs has increased by 11% compared to last year. The average bonus now amounts to €5,924.

Collective bonuses remain one the most popular ways for employers to reward their workers. One in seven employees received money as part of a collective bonus in 2022. However, these shared bonuses tend to be among the lowest of all the types of bonuses. On average, workers received €1,368 in collective bonuses.

Individual bonuses were awarded to slightly more employees this year (+3.6%), compared to last year. In total, 6.51% of employees received an individual bonus. The average value of this bonus was 11% higher than in 2021, reaching €4,791.

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The popularity of compensation warrants continues to decline, with around 6.16% of employees receiving a warrant last year, down 6% from last year. The average amount of this form of bonus increased by 13% to €13,065.

As part of the wage agreement approved by the Federal Government on 28 November, some employees will receive €750 in bonuses from their employers, with minimum wages being paid in full and the government stepping in to assure that companies can pay their employees a bonus.

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