'Warning blockade' at Delhaize e-commerce depot lifted on Saturday afternoon

'Warning blockade' at Delhaize e-commerce depot lifted on Saturday afternoon
Credit: Belga

The blockade of the Delhome depot in Drogenbos, which handles Delhaize's home deliveries, was lifted on Saturday afternoon, reports union secretary Myriam Djegham (CNE) to Belga News Agency

The joint union front had been blocking entrances to the depot from since 5:00 on Saturday morning, rallying against increasing work pressure from management. The blockade caused the cancellation of around 1,000 customer orders.

Delhaize announced last week that all remaining stores would be transferred to independent operators. As a result, many stores in our country remained closed for days, whereupon management decided to temporarily make home deliveries free of charge for customers.

However, this caused increased work pressure in Delhome, the depot from which home deliveries are prepared. According to the unions, this comes on top of a staff shortage. Staff, therefore, went on strike on Saturday morning.

According to Myriam Djegham of CNE, a conversation took place with management at the site. According to Djegham, management says they were "caught off guard" by the situation, calling the explanation "laughable."

"The management was aware that it would drop a bomb and had planned the announcement. That the extra workload due to the free deliveries was not anticipated I don't believe."

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